Rolling Chair Jockey
installation by Hubert Pichot (FR)
RCJ (music and vidéo compatible) is an electric rolling chair with sensors measuring its move and acceleration, and also some of the moves of its user. A computer processes the sensors data and generates images and sounds. The person using the chair becomes a sort of conductor controling an audiovisual creation through his/her moves in and with the chair.

“Try me” is the first prototype and anyone can try it...

Thanks to :Keiko NAKAMURA (pacifism and harmony), Thibaut MAECHLER, Anne WOLFF, Daniel ALLANICK (Rehaloc), Gaëlle CLARK, Sandrine et Laurent, Mathias BAUDRY et cachou, Claudine DOLLINGER, Johannes TAELSMANN (you're the one i needed), Emmanuel FLETY for his Wise BOX, Emmanuel JOURDAN, Benjamin THIEGPEN, Jasch my MMJ teachers, and Christiane PICHOT (Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité)

Techniques: Max/MSP/Jitter, Ircam Wise BOX, misc. sensors.

video_1 + video_2