an interactive installation by Hanna Haaslahti with Yves Bernard (2002-2003)

White Square was exhibited at:

Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media, Stuttgart, Jan 2004
VIPER festival, Basle, 2003
VIDA6.0, Madrid, 2003
F2F Brussels, 24.10.2003 - 5.12.2003

Kiasma, Helsinki, 16.1.2003 - 16.3.2003
Art in Motion, AIM IV Interference Patterns
Los Angeles, 15.2.2003 - 13.4.2003

White Square was first presented at Kunstahalle Lophem, in the framework of the Symptomania exhibition (Finish Contemporary Photography, Film, Video and Interactive Art),
14.9.2002 - 18.12.2002,
Kunsthalle Lophem.

Since the Helsinki exhibition at Kiasma beginning of 2003, White Square has many new features proposing more complex collaborative behaviors between users.

SEE THE VIDEOS: at F2F Brussels, at Kunsthalle Loppem, at Kiasma


Interactive scenario and Visuals:
Hanna Haaslahti

Interaction design Adviser, Programming, Engineering
Yves Bernard


Kunsthalle Lophem, Brugge, Belgium

AVEK- the Promotion Center for Audiovisual Culture, Helsinki

Frame - Finnish Fund for Art Exchange

Arts Council of Finland

iMAL - interactive media art lab, Brussels

White Square was produced thanks to a residence of Hanna Haaslahti at iMAL facilities in Brussels during summer 2002, and a residence of Yves Bernard at Kiasma, Helsinki in January 2003.
Shadows are a kinetic lifeform, which are programmed from pre-edited image sequences and projected around the user according to his movements. In the
creation of visuals, the natural laws of real-life shadows were studied and adapted as a basis of the visual development for their artificial counterpart. The shadows were enhanced with new set of kinetic behavior patterns, which is the visual language that allows them to respond to users.

White Square video motion tracking system allows intuitive and full body interaction of users.