Realtime 3D for Visual Expressions
a 3 days workshop by Jasch (CH)

DATE : 11-13 June 2004

PLACE : iMAL @ Centre Dansaert, 7 rue d'Alost, Brussels
MAIN LANGUAGE : english (but Jasch also speaks French, German, Spanish)
PARTICIPANTS : MAX 15 participants


This workshop explores abstract visual expressions using a real-time OpenGL environment within the Max/Jitter framework.
The main focus lies on non-realistic rendering, painting and drawing using 3D techniques. participants learn to apply 3D geometry in Max/Jitter to do image-treatment and generation using pixel- and vector-based methods.
Another focus is on live-interaction, using generative algorithms and direct gestures and the possibility to explore syntaesthetic connections between sound, video and graphics with physical-interfaces, networks and other mixed techniques.

This workshop is designed for artists and designers who want to explore the use of non-standard 3D techniques for their graphical or visual work.
Participating artists should have a solid foundation in digital media production (sound and/or video), some knowledge of 3D modelling/rendering software and preferably some basic experience of working within the Max environment.


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The workshop classroom is fully equipped with 10 Apple computers, AV devices (videocamera, videoprojectors), LAN and Internet access,... Participants with personal laptops and AV digital toys are encouraged to bring them.

PUBLIC EVENT : Jasch concert
at Cafe Toots (Centre Dansaert), 13 June
The workshop will be closed with a public event on sunday 13, 20:00 at the Cafe Toots (Centre Dansaert). Jasch will do an audiovisual concert and in agreement with the participants will present key ideas from the workshop.

pictures and video excerpts: > WORKSHOP ARCHIVE <

ABOUT THE SPEAKER : JASCH - jan schacher MfA (1967)
Active musician in the fields of electronic and improvised music, performance art, jazz and contemporary music. several pieces for theatre and film. main focus on works combining digital sound and images, abstract graphics and digital video, electro-acoustic music or mixed-media projects for the stage and in installations.
concerts and exhibitions throughout europe, the united states and canada.

Jasch teaches  electric and doublebass, programming for sound and image treatment and sensor technology. courses and lectures a.o. at: barcelona, hangar; paris, betaville;  basel, music academy  ;  lucerne, academy of fine arts; basel, h y p e r w e r k ; zurich, HMT academy for musique and theatre; vienna, university for applied arts.

Recent pieces, concerts and exhibitions


Jasch :
iMAL :

This workshop is made possible thanks to the support of the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds and the sponsoring of Apple Belgium.
iMAL is supported by the Communauté française de Belgique and the City of Brussels.

Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds :
Apple Belgium :
Communauté française de Belgique :

ABOUT THE SPEAKER : JASCH - jan schacher MfA (1967)
Recent pieces, concerts and exhibitions:
- sketch, codespace, abstract digital grapics, 26/01 - 21/02/2004, sketch gallery, london,
- shimmer, february 2004, CD-release on the viennese label dOc, (dOc_006)
- distribution through mdos
- transmediale, codespace, audio-visual performance, 01/02/2004, club transmediale festival, berlin
- abstraction-now, 29/08-28/09/2003, exhibition at 'künstlerhaus' vienna,
- dyad, audio-visual collaboration, 12/06/2003, sonar festival, barcelona,