an interactive installation by Yacine Sebti (2005)


FILE, São Paulo, July 2010
Crea Numerica, Beirut, September 2009
BVAM 2009, Santiago de Chile, August 2009
Wired Festival 2009, Den Haag, July 2009
STRP 2009, Eindhoven, April 2009
Smartival, Bruxelles, October 2008
Media City 2008, Seoul, September 2008
Mol.-St-Jean, Brussels, May 2008
FILE, Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro, Feb-Apr 2008

eArts, Ars Electronica, Shanghai, November 2007
Storm op komst, Turnhout, April 2007
Temps d'Images, Montréal, February 2007
Atelier du Web, Bruxelles, May 2006
Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, April 2006
Ping2, Sataronja, Mallorca, October 2005
Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon, April 2005

Yacine designed "Jump!" for the visitor's pleasure. If he or she is ready to go back to childhood, to forget the tensions and stress of adult life, then he (she) can start jumping in the air: just jump and let your image go and print a bit of yourself in this constantly moving and changing collective video creation.
"Jump!" is an immersive game for children from 7 to 77 years old.

Jump! was nominated at the International Festival for Film, Video and New Media VIPER 05, Basle, March 2006.

SEE THE VIDEO: at Brakke Grond (Victorian Circus) and
at Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon


Concept and development:
Yacine Sebti


iMAL - interactive Media Art Lab, Brussels

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