Isjtar: Flow*

17 Juillet - 27 Juillet 2012
Isjtar: Flow*

Production residency

Flow* is about the fascination for fluid dynamics, diffusion, brownian motion, entropy, dissolution. In more prosaic terms: stuff that flows.

Until now Isjtar has always taken to the essence of emergent systems, programming them in software and expressing them in sound and image. This time he takes the role of observer and manipulator, gently nudging the process until it looks nice and abstract, fitting in the tight space between artificial and natural.

The residency at iMAL is the starting point of the project and the attention is squarely on the aesthetics of the basic visual material. The material will later on be processed into a generative multiscreen audiovisual composition.

About Isjtar

The work of isjtar is about experimenting with media - be it sound, image, text or code. For this he uses algorithms, sets of instructions, you might consider them computer recipes. This makes his art generative. Instead of hand crafting every detail, he designs systems which produce the forms and shapes that he wants, be it in sound or image.


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