Stéfan Piat: Isola

30 Octobre - 8 Novembre 2011
Stéfan Piat: Isola

Research & experimentation residency

Stéfan Piat will work with Kinect for the development of his interactive video installation.  

Isola is an interactive video installation, playing with the distance of the viewer from screen. An image faced us, that of a man circling on an island . Around him, the water out of sight. The visitor approaching the screen, change the viewpoint that moves progressively towards this character. To the point where, for visitors stayed away, the one who approached the screen replaces the man in the picture.

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with the support of the French speaking community of Belgium,
the Hypermedia studio of the high school of art of Aix-en-Provence, Seconde Nature and iMAL .