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27 Septembre - 30 Septembre 2011
Media Facade Reloaded

Workshop results

"We notice each other's smiles immediately. It's our favorite thing for people to notice — our smiles. It's all either one of us has to offer. You can see it in the way our cheeks stretch out like arms wanting nothing more to say "you are welcome here."

— Taken from Convenience Stores by Buddy Wakefield

What better way to start the description of my installation with a quote from the spoken word artist Buddy Wakefield. He describes the smile as the easiest form of interaction between human beings in a far better way than I could have written. The installation takes this very idea, but replaces one of the humans with a computer. When the computer recognizes a human smile, it smiles back — not only at the person, but to all people in Brussels, as it makes the iMAL building smile to the city.

Download the code: Part 1 - Part 2

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KineTicTacToe is a game for 2 players that invite the audience to play TicTacToe on the Facadeby hand gesture . It uses a 3D camera (Kinect) that sense the users hands location . By waving the left hand in the air, the player can light on the windows & by pushing the hand forward the player confirm his selection . The selected window is lit either RED or GREEN . When all windows are selected, the whole building is illuminated with an animation.

Download the code... (soon)

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The city's sounds; conversations, people, public transport and cars buzzing around; the overall sound of a miniature world in constant movement. Imagine a city's facade, a drape over a secretive private place, responding as ornaments to the explicit and implicit sounds we all produce, in a motion-driven colorful pattern. Talk to the Wall does exactly that: implicitly capturing live audio and explicitly translating it in real-time into a vibrant pattern, fluctuating as a function of the detected sound levels and pitch. This results in a visual indication of the inner workings of the city and its people.

Download the code... (soon)

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