Walter Verdin

Here is a list of contents in which Walter Verdin appear.



Le DVD propose une compilation video de près de 2 heures sur les principaux concerts et performances du festival Infiltrations Digitales (2004) ainsi que sur l'exposition d'installations interactives.


A project of Walter Verdin and Yves Bernard. Every visitor coming at iMAL is invited to sit down in the OFFFCAM cabine in front of a camera. The image is recorded automatically during 6 seconds and the resulting video clip is sent to the www at



For the opening of iMAL new venue, the inaugural exhibition "Hybrid World" explores the merge between the Internet and the physical world. It is enriched with a programme of concerts and performances.


iMAL propose au VDB (Dexia Art Center) deux semaines intenses concentrées sur la culture digitale et ses infiltrations interdisciplinaires au travers de pratiques artistiques aussi variées que la danse, la musique et les arts visuels, le cinéma, les installations.