Zenna Fiscella

Zenna has a background in autonomous activism as well as a 7 year history working with the international network of digital fabrication labs, FabLabs.

Her interests in technology were sparked at the anarchist culture center Utkanten in Malmö around 2008 where she found the hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen. Since then she has run a lab at Lund University and Coordinated the Nordic FabLabs collaborative project FabCraft.

Currently she is engaging with Scuttlebutt where she writes funding applications and will start school at KaosPilots this fall. Her hobbies include enabling hedonism and making things. 



Le web peer-to-peer permet à tout un chacun de partager des données, publier des sites et applications web à partir de son propre ordinateur, sans dépendre d’un serveur ou d’un service centralisé. Avec Zenna Fiscella, Raphaël Bastide & Hunor Karamán.