FabLab iMAL

January 2012
FabLab iMAL

The CNC mill

iMAL CNC routing/milling/engraving machine is a High-Z S-720 from German manufacturer cnc-step.

It's a 3 axis machine with a working area of 720x420mm (and 110mm in height).  It is equipped with a Kress 1050W (10.000-30.000 rpm) spindle. We have a first set of tools (mills, drills) to cut and sculpt wood, plastic or soft metal (e.g. aluminium) and engrave PCB. The machine can be expanded to 4 axis and equipped with more powerful spindle for working harder material.

A dedicated PC (Win XP) is configured with various softwares to generate tool paths (machine gcode instructions) from 2d and 2.5d designs. Besides the basic softwares supplied by the manufacturer (Win-PC NC and ConstructCAM), we are testing various other CAM packages.


Pages about the CNC Mill on Wikimal: http://www.imal.org/wikimal/tagged/CNC%20mill

Basic instructions: http://www.imal.org/wikimal/resource/imal-cnc-high-z-s-720

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