Thinking/Acting in Alliance

Samedi, 2 Février 2019 | 09:30 - 12:00
Thinking/Acting in Alliance

Why iMAL is initiating this series of events?

Why iMAL, a digital art & culture organisation in Brussels, takes the initiative of such an usual event, an 'unconference'? Why do we propose to think & act in alliance for our digital environment through the participatory writing of a strong common statement?
Of course we don't pretend to represent an alliance just by ourselves. iMAL has been the observer for near two decades of the evolution of the digital world and its integration in the ecosystem. We are currently undergoing major mutations, in particular with the renovation and extension of our centre. In a way, we are in a time of fallow, giving us the opportunity to question our role as a techno-cultural institution in an ubiquituous digital world which is deeply and fastly transforming humankind (society, political systems, econonomy, our minds, beliefs, cultures) but also becoming a major component of our physical environment.

We think it is urgent to initiate a new form of alliance of actors to preserve an open and healthy digital environment, as urgent as the Climate movement.
There is no coincidence : these last weeks in Brussels, we have seen an incredible rise of protests against the dangers of climate change and global warming and the inaction of our governments. 75.000 people in the streets on December 2! On January 24, the third march of 'Youth for Climate' gathered 35.000 students out of school in the streets and made the headline news all over the world. And this Sunday 27 January, 70.000 people marched in front of the EU Parliament!

We have to work altogether to trigger the same awareness about our Digital Climate! We - experts and actors in the digital field - know what's happening: mass surveillance, fake news and other carefuly planned manipulations of our belief and political systems, freedom of expression, economy of attention/addiction, destructive fragmentation of communities,... We all know that, how pernicious and dangerous is the global digital environment and how more terrible it will be if nothing is done, and how much it is part of this new anthropocene and its ecosystem.
But not enough people, old and young (especially those digital natives) are aware of this! Same for our politicians and governments so slow to act while the global actors of the digital economy and their network of startups, private and public laboratories, lobbyists are preparing the future along their roadmap.

It is urgent to act for the Digital Climate, indeed it is now a key component of the Earth Climate and its future! If nothing is done, it could jeopardize the Climate by the manipulation of our minds, opinions and socio-political systems paralysing any actions, as well as by its direct ecological impact.

Transmediale is one of the unique festivals in Europe where we all meet for decades, activits, artists, experts and influencers of digital cultures. Let have our voices heard, working with the open minded and responsible technological and corporate world!

This meeting at Transmediale is the first of a series we intend to continue in Paris, Brussels, De Hague... It is an invitation to start an Alliance of all actors to cooperate and prepare a strong public declaration, a Digital Climate Agreement.
Are you ready to join?

Yves Bernard.