Lagunas (work in progress)

25 Mai - 9 Juin 2015
Lagunas (work in progress)

residency by Laura Colmenares Guerra

"Lagunas", a fictional & interactive installation, is a triptych between memory, death and water. Water in "Lagunas" is stagnant, still water, which calls death and tells the story of a drowning man. The story of the drowning man is conducted by images of hydraulic fracking[1], making a transposition between the death of the man and the death of water in planet earth.  As parallels, both events develop through an interactive scenario, driving the spectator through archaic and prehistoric images of the Earth while exploring the delusional human drastic action towards nature.

[1] Action of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas known as “fracking” or as “Shale Gas”.

Galerie Média


Lagunas by Laura Colmenares Guerra 

Samson Michel – 3D, fluid simulations, compositing
Remy Gosselin – 3D, fluid simulations, compositing
Abdoul Diallo – 3D modeling
Laura Colmenares Guerra - 3D, fluid simulations, compositing
Yacine Sebti – Real time A/V
Rafael Muñoz Gomez – Music composition
Loup Mormont – Music composition

Underwater shooting:
Laura Colmenares Guerra - Director
Actor - Juan Bernardo Martinez
Wim Michiels - underwater cinematographer
Jan Lemmens - underwater camera assistant
Karen Jensen - safety diver
Ruby van der Kooij - surface camera assistant
Stijn Berghman - Phantom Operator
Kristina Ianachkova – Director Assistant

Funding & support

Vlaanderen – verbeelding werkt Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport & Media, Federation Wallonie Bruxelles Arts Numeriques & iMal