- Ali Momeni & Nima Dehghani

4 Octobre - 5 Octobre 2014 - Ali Momeni & Nima Dehghani

Connecting Cities

Connecting Cities Network is a European and worldwide expanding network aiming to build up a connected infrastructure of media facades, urban screens and projection sites to circulate artistic and social content. In opposition to the commercial use of these urban media, we establish them as platforms on which citizens can exchange – within the city as much as between cities.


Last year, in the framework of Connecting Cities 2013 : Networked City, iMAL organised an event on the metro esplanade Comte de Flandre / Graaf van Vlaanderen and its surroundings. For two days, Brussels was connected to Liverpool (UK), through a series of surprising, participatory and playful artworks accessible to all in the public space.

This year's theme is Participatory CityHow can we open the screens as digital stages for public interventions? What is the impact of participatory projects realised in the European space on audience and community development of the European neighbourhoods?

In June, iMAL organised the Connecting Cities Urban Media Lab, a symposium and intense 6-days masterclass that explored new forms of urban participation.

In October, iMAL, FACT Liverpool & Medialab Prado Madrid invite Ali Momeni for


Numerous other events have taken and will take place at our partners! Berlin (Public Art Lab), Riga (Riga 2014) and Madrid (Medialab Prado) in September, Brussels (iMAL) and Liverpool (FACT) in October (with, São Paulo (Verve Cultural) and Riga in November!



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