Resurrection Lab

March, 2017 - February, 2019
Resurrection Lab

A Research project on the Preservation of Born-digital content using Emulation

In March 2017, iMAL and start a two-year research collaboration to develop methods, tools and services for the preservation of digital-born content, as well as their public access through a prototype of new type of media library for digital artefacts based on emulation.

The project will focus on the use of emulation, an efficient approach that consists in simulating old hardware platform in a software way. This technique provides a promising basis for the development of a strategy for the preservation of digital creations and their future public access. Today, in Belgium and Brussels, expertise in the preservation of digital-born works and the use of emulators is not sufficient to meet the challenges on the future of born-digital content. It is this gap that the Resurrection Lab proposes to fill.

The project initiated by iMAL is a collaboration with, the Center of Expertise in Digital Heritage based in Brussels and the bwFLA team of the University of Freiburg, one of the leading R&D center in the development of emulation environment. Rhizome in New-York is an associate partner.

The project is supported by Innoviris, the Institute for Research and Innovation of the Brussels-capital Region.

Image credits: John Ippolito