FabLab Residencies

Caution: we are full until January after our moving into the new building !

If you're an artist, designer, engineer or developer and want to develop a new creative project with our digital manufacturing machines, Fablab.iMAL can offer you a residency.

Our maximum 4 weeks residencies take place in our Fablab (and only there). They aim to support original proposals focusing on research and experimentation: prototypes, new materials, etc.

We're offering free access to our machines and trainings, as well as a reimbursement of production costs (eg materials, components, ...) up to 400 € (based on invoices).

Residents have to document their work on the Wikimal and exhibit the result in the dedicated space in the Fablab.

Residents bring their own computer and posses basic knowledge in vector based drawing and/or 3D; we only train residents to use the machines and related CAM softwares.

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Latest FabLab residencies


From October to December 2018, Sandrine Morgante is in residency at iMAL, working on her sound installation "Discussione Aumentata".


CLOD is the continuation of a series of projects by Antoine Schmitt exploring the concept of a light pulse visible in the city; first with City Sleep Light, showed at iMAL in 2010, then with City Light Orchestra in 2012. CLOD extends even more the distribution and portability of the light sources; pulsing with the same frequency, they create a sort of visual symphony spread over the city.


From March 6 until March 24 2017 Marcio Ambrisio is in residency at iMAL, where he will work together with Yacine Sebti on his interactive installation 'MOVIOLA'.


iMAL invited Tobias Sternberg, a Swedish artist living in Berlin, for a short research residency in July to experiment with digital fabrication. 


From the beginning of July to the end of August 2015 Yann Leguay is in residency at iMAL, where he develops the DIRECT OUT project for the Mulhouse Music Festival (Festival Météo). 


Between April 19 and May 3 2015, visual artist Christelle Fillod and sound designer/software programmer Fabrice Moinet are in residency at iMAL to work on their installation 'The invisible landscape'.

2014 - 2015

In the past months Julien Maire was in residency at iMAL to develop further his work 'Man at Work', created on occasion of the exhibition 'Relief' at iMAL last September. The result is called 'Formal Fiction' and will be showed in the spring of 2015 at several festivals (Festival VIA 2015 in Mons, Exit Festival in Créteil, ...).


In this work resulting from his residency at iMAL, new media and technology artist Ivan C. H. Liu explores the notion that love is so profound that it changes the world for a person in love or losing love. In collaboration with dancer/choreographer Julie Magneville, they combine the body movements, the theater and interactive installations together to experiment a new way of storytelling.


The SEBCTool (Social Excitement Behavior Communication Tool) is a device used to measure an emotional state. The ear-clip changes color when a temperature change is detected due to excitement. Jo Claimos' project is a social experiment raising questions about new communication tools and social interactions. 

2013 - 2014

Different Ways to Infinity is an installation that gathers experiments in geometry and physics, as fictional strategies to generate infinity. During his residency, Felix will develop the third and last part of the work, the Clones as two Inverted Pendulums.