Jo Caimo - Rode Oortjes Meter

31 July - 29 September 2014
Jo Caimo - Rode Oortjes Meter

Social Excitement Behavior Communication Tool (SEBCT)

The SEBCTool (Social Excitement Behavior Communication Tool) is a device used to measure an emotional state. The ear-clip changes color when a temperature change is detected due to excitement. Jo Caimos' project is a social experiment raising questions about new communication tools and social interactions.  

Jo Caimo will challenge visitors to test the Rode Oortjes-meter during the VIRUS exhibition, Saturday 11 October at Netwerk, Center for Contemporary Art (Aalst)

Practical Info

Rode Oortjes-meter is part of the VIRUS exhibition, at NETWERK (Aalst).

Test his Red Ears-meter during the opening,
Saturday 11 Oct 2014, 20:00
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See the project during the exhibition,
12 Oct - 16 Nov
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Netwerk, Houtkaai 15
9300 Aalst - Belgium

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With the support of FabLab.iMAL, and the help of Julien Maire, Olivier Leirs and Francois Chasseur.