Julien Maire - Long term Residency Corneel Cannaerts: Encoded Matter Étienne Cliquet: Terrain d'Envol First stereolithography print test with the Form 1 Cécile Babiole: DIAPO Lamp Luc Hanneuse: Headphone Box Studio With A View: designers in residency Felix Luque: Different Ways to Infinity Creative Fab - ERG Creative Fab - La Cambre Creative Fab - ARBA Sophie Bélair Clément: Formes d'Egale Résistance Thomas Van Bouwel: lamp clip replacement Cécile Babiole: GOBO GOBO HEY! Lumisokea & Legoman: "Selva" vinyl album covers Alix Welter: Redux Cubic Baskets Julien Deswaef: Generative Pop-up Erato&Katerina: Girl's Scream Frederic De Bleser: Political Profiles

FabLab.iMAL is a digital manufacturing workplace where anyone (artist, designer, engineer, developer, tinkerer, student, citizen...), independantly of his/her education level, can come to experiment, learn and create all kinds of objects (artistic or design object, interactive object, technical object, prototype, etc.). Members of a FabLab form a community: they help each other, share their knowledge, build knowledge together in an open and collaborative process integrated to the FabLabs' global network.

FabLab.iMAL organizes training activities (eg. workshops), welcomes artists and designers in residency, participates to awareness-raising activities on techniques and issues around digital fabrication, DIY and open source objects.

FabLab.iMAL is also a center of resources and expertise on new processes allowing the realization of ideas into objects.

Browse our ressources website, wiki.imal.org, for tutorials and to discover what our members are doing and how.

FabLab agenda


Latest FabLab activities

09/07/2019 - 09/08/2019
Join us for an inspiring summer under the digital sun and discover how to write code, to build objects that connect to sensors,...
22/12/2018 - 02/01/2019
FabLab.iMAL remains open during the winter break, with an adapted schedule!
30/09/2018 - 30/12/2018
From October to December 2018, Sandrine Morgante is in residency at iMAL, working on her sound installation "Discussione Aumentata".
Do you want to make your own projects with the fantastic tools of FabLab.iMAL? You'll first need to learn some basic skills...