Julien Maire - Long term Residency Corneel Cannaerts: Encoded Matter Étienne Cliquet: Terrain d'Envol First stereolithography print test with the Form 1 Cécile Babiole: DIAPO Lamp Luc Hanneuse: Headphone Box Studio With A View: designers in residency Felix Luque: Different Ways to Infinity Creative Fab - ERG Creative Fab - La Cambre Creative Fab - ARBA Sophie Bélair Clément: Formes d'Egale Résistance Thomas Van Bouwel: lamp clip replacement Cécile Babiole: GOBO GOBO HEY! Lumisokea & Legoman: "Selva" vinyl album covers Alix Welter: Redux Cubic Baskets Julien Deswaef: Generative Pop-up Erato&Katerina: Girl's Scream Frederic De Bleser: Political Profiles

Credits & Partners

Fablab.iMAL has been possible thanks to a start-up funding from Christos Doulkeridis, Secretary of State of the Brussels-Capital’s Region and Minister-President of the Cocof, Fadila Laanan, Minister of Culture of the Wallonia-Brussels’ Federation and Benoit Cerexhe, Minister of Economy and Research of the Brussels-Capital’s Region.

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ABE - Agence Bruxelloise pour l’Entreprise
MAD - Brussels Mode and Design Center
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