FabLab Residencies

Caution: we are full until January after our moving into the new building !

If you're an artist, designer, engineer or developer and want to develop a new creative project with our digital manufacturing machines, Fablab.iMAL can offer you a residency.

Our maximum 4 weeks residencies take place in our Fablab (and only there). They aim to support original proposals focusing on research and experimentation: prototypes, new materials, etc.

We're offering free access to our machines and trainings, as well as a reimbursement of production costs (eg materials, components, ...) up to 400 € (based on invoices).

Residents have to document their work on the Wikimal and exhibit the result in the dedicated space in the Fablab.

Residents bring their own computer and posses basic knowledge in vector based drawing and/or 3D; we only train residents to use the machines and related CAM softwares.

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Latest FabLab residencies


Memory of Form and Matter is a sculpture series exploring hybrid digital-physical forms. It combines algorithmically generated structures with digital simulations and animation.

2013 - 2014

Val Macé came last summer to work in residency at FabLab.iMAL. He created new type of instruments using old common objects and augmented them with pieces he produced in the FabLab.


Etienne Cliquet was in residency at iMAL during the summer 2013 to prepare his exhibition Terrain d'Envol at iMAL gallery (19/09 - 20/10/2013).


The designers Damien Gernay, Julien Carretero and Charlotte Dumoncel d'Argence from the Studio with a View collective begin the first of a series of residencies for young designers at FabLab.iMAL, in collaboration with MAD (Mode & Design Brussels). The results of their experimentations will be shown during the MAD(E) IN BRUSSELS exhibition at MAD, in the framework of Design September 2013.


Sophie Bélair, artist from Quebec, is in residency at FabLab.iMAL to prepare her project at Casino Luxembourg.


With this residency at iMAL and FabLab.iMAL, Felix is finalising his latest project to be exhibited at Festival VIA/Maubeuge (opening on 14 March 2013).


Luis Miguel Girao is experimenting some new works mixing telematic performances, collaborative cyberspace and 3D printing.


PATMAP is an augmented sculpture customized in real time by the audience who may choose colors and patterns for each face of the sculpture and create unique sequences of animation.


Lumisokea and Legoman used fablab.iMAL's laser cutter in order to create original covers for their new "Selva" album exploring the relations between digital-analog-digital

2012 - 2013

Julien Maire, French new media artist, has settled his workshop space in FabLab.iMAL for a year. He will have some time to share his experience with other members of the FabLab.