Val Macé & David Chazam: Ployboy

14 August 2013 - 14 January 2014
Val Macé & David Chazam: Ployboy

The project PLOYBOY was conceived in 2011 by a duo of artists, David Chazal and Val Macé. This project combines household technologies and improvised music; it creates a counterpoint between the world of these two artists.

David Chazam, omnidirectional composer, uninhibited musician and champion of Europe improvisation in 1996. He taps frenetically analog synthesizers and effects pedals.

Val Macé, a young contemporary handyman, handles instruments-machines, assemblies of common objects augmented by mechanical pieces and driven by interfaces worthy of Atari punk console.

Together, they produce a style of music swinging between bruitism, neo-Balinese, baroque, retro-futuristic, punk or chamber music.

During this residence, Val Macé has decided to use FabLab.iMAL's means of production, to create some dashboards, mechanical elements and other structures that allows him to build new instruments such as sequences for flute (recorder), horn or record-player.

They will give a concert/performance during the next DorbotBRU#11 on the 29th of March 2014.

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