Damian Stewart

Damian Stewart (NZ) is an artist working with light, sound, and technology, originally from New Zealand and currently based in Vienna, Austria. His recent work includes installations, light performances, and environment sonification pieces.

Damian has a diverse background that includes study in electroacoustic music, interior architecture, and computer science. He does professional software programming on interactive museum installations and PlayStation2 games; and takes part in various music performances.

Member of the New Interfaces for Performance (N.I.P.) collective, he has performed internationally alongside artists including Biosphere and Deadbeat, and collaborated on many international projects.

Damian Stewart website



For Nuit Blanche, MFF 2010 offers a breathtaking view on digital artworks presented in the Brussels public space and all over Europe.  During one night, the buildings along the canal will be pulsating to the rhythm of the city, while signs and advertising displays will be transformed into virtual artworks. An unusual walk in the heart of the digital city!


The Artvertiser is an urban, hand-held 'Improved Reality' project that re-purposes street advertisements as the surface for exhibiting art. During this 3-days workshop, participating artists will have the opportunity to create visual works to replace urban advertisement in Brussels. They will be able to experiment and analyse real time computer vision techniques developed by Julian Oliver and his team.


The projects made by the workshop participants during Artvertising Brussels are online. Check them here!