Danja Vasiliev

Danja Vasiliev is a Critical Engineer born in Saint-Petersburg, currently living and working in Berlin.

Starting from year 1999 Danja is involved in computer-technology events, media-art exhibitions and seminars around the world. He received a number of awards and mentions at Ars Electronica, Japan Media Art Festival, Transmediale and collaborated with many other organisations.

Danja Vasiliev is studying Systems and Networks through anti-disciplinary experimentation with hardware, firmware and software. Using computational platforms he engages in examination and exploitation of System and Network paradigms both in physical and digital realms. Basing on the findings Vasiliev creates and exhibits works of Critical Engineering, gives public workshops and talks. Danja regularly teaches courses on topics of network insecurity, software/OS modification, hardware re-engineering, digital forensics and else.

In his work and everyday computing Danja is using GNU/Linux software and propagandizes Open Source practices in all scopes of life.

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In a post-Snowden world of generalised surveillance, understanding network technologies becomes vital. In this intensive workshop Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev teach low level networking using only command line tools and networking hardware. In doing so, students learn not only how to create and manipulate computer networks, but also how they can be used to manipulate us.


The closing event of the moddr_* exhibition will feature some projects invited by the moddr_ collective: a new live performance by JODI, a lecture by Florian Cramer and the presentation of "Hotglue", a new "content manipulation system". Don't miss the Hotglue workshop in the afternoon!


Long-awaited and carefully baked release of 'Hotglue' (a funky 'content manipulation system') will be presented and demonstrated during the 'moddr_*' finissage - including afternoon workshop!


The Rotterdam based artist collective moddr_  is invited for a "carte blanche" to present an exhibition of their latest artworks with an associated programme of performances, lectures and workshops.