Here is a list of contents in which PureData appear.



The French duo chdh starts a residency at iMAL to develop "Égrégore", an audiovisual performance in which a multitude of elements evolves and changes its behaviour over time.


The 6th edition of our Summer Digital Art Workshops proposes 5 great courses from July to August, all based on open source softwares: Processing, Arduino, PureData, Spip et Wordpress. We will approach techniques that are more and more used in visual arts, performing arts, audio-visual performances or digital arts (net art, code art, interactive art).


Real Time Video - Movements Analysis - Physical Modeling - Real Time 3D - Code Art - Physical Computing - Collaborative Web (PureData/GEM - Arduino - Processing - OpenGL - SPIP/CSS - WordPress - PHP/MySQL)


The ADM workshop provides an introduction to PURE DATA, an opensource visual programming environment (OOP).


The Hybrid Scrapyard workshop will introduce how ubiquitous computing (Ubicomp) and network technologies allow the design and deployment of augmented objects connected to the Internet.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the barcode of the future. With RFID objects or persons can be equipped with a chip (an RFID tag), readable with an RFID reader from a range of up to several meters. A lot of desired (or undesired) data can be attached to these tags for a variable period of time.