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Launched in 2005, the Summer Digital Art Workshops continue for the 7th edition! This year they will be extended by 2 additional modules (Drupal and OpenCV) that complement the other 5 updated courses for an inspiring summer under the digital sun.


The 6th edition of our Summer Digital Art Workshops proposes 5 great courses from July to August, all based on open source softwares: Processing, Arduino, PureData, Spip et Wordpress. We will approach techniques that are more and more used in visual arts, performing arts, audio-visual performances or digital arts (net art, code art, interactive art).


Real Time Video - Movements Analysis - Physical Modeling - Real Time 3D - Code Art - Physical Computing - Collaborative Web (MAX/MSP/Jitter - Arduino - Processing - OpenGL - SPIP/CSS - WordPress - PHP/MySQL)