Fractal Flowers

22 April - 2 May 2009
Fractal Flowers

«The Fractal Flowers presented at iMAL are part of a process initiated by Miguel Chevalier at the beginning of this decade under the title Other Natures. These works start from the observation of the plant kingdom, and its transposition within a digital universe.

As Lev Manovich has underlined, the distinctive characteristic of the digital work is to be based on a code, susceptible to differ from interpretation according to the given software. This principle of variability is amply illustrated by the Fractal Flowers exhibition at iMAL: the same data are used to produce interactive animations, printed images, or even three-dimensional forms, veritable “digital sculptures” obtained by stereolithography.

Beyond their aesthetic and playful qualities, the Fractal Flowers question both the status of the work of art in the digital era and, on a more poetical and metaphorical way, the stakes involved in genetic manipulation.  Nothing can predict what these “fractal flowers” might produce, as they are infinitely free to hybridize and reproduce.»

Excerpt of the catalog written by Pierre-Yves Desaive

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