Tryptique visuel et sonore

19 December 2012 - 6 January 2013
Tryptique visuel et sonore
Research residency by Bernard Delcourt and Delphine Havaux

Bernard Delcourt, video artist, and Delphine Havaux, musician, work together on the project "Tryptique visuel et sonore".

Their project consists in a duo performance, interactive and combining sounds and images.

It takes Steve Reich as starting point. Room for flutes "Vermont Conterpoint" is the basis for a visual research modeled on the structure of Reich's partition.

A movie's partition will then highlight instrumental interventions, sounds and videos in real time.

Tryptique visuel et sonore is a fun interaction moment between two artists. Random and based on improvisation, the artists supply in live the performance's visual objects and sounds.

The installation aims to create harmony between the image and the sound based on technics, interaction. The common interest is reflected in the rythm. Sense and narration are created in action. The point is not the story but the time, the time in their work.

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