iMAL at work

20 November - 23 November 2019
iMAL at work

Discover the new home we’re building for our digital future

Over the past two years all of us at iMAL have been working hard to give our activities an updated and visible face along the canal in Molenbeek. Our newly updated home at Quai des Charbonnages 30 in Molenbeek will be ready in February 2020. Because we just can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on we are inviting everyone to join us for an extended preview of what’s to come at iMAL.

From the 21st till the 24th of November we welcome you to discover our multidisciplinary approach to digital arts and cultures with a programme curated by Ana Ascencio (former artistic director of Mapping Festival) in collaboration with Yves Bernard.

iMAL has worked with various partner associations and institutions to create a broad and engaging programme. A diverse ensemble of local and international artists will propose performances, a nighttime programme with audiovisual shows and DJs as well as a showcase of works-in-progress exploring artificial intelligence, augmented reality and digital fabrication

Furthermore we will host a series of workshops for the curious and creative minds. The Fablab will also be open during the weekend to show how it operates on a day-to-day basis. On Sunday all kids, youngsters and families are invited for activities  produced in collaboration with our long-time partners MOVE and Fablab'ke (CASTII project) and an introduction into the world of iMAL.


ARTWORKS (21-24 November)

Jerry Galle & Boris Debackere (BE), Yann Leguay (BE) co-presented with Overtoon, Joost Rekveld (NL/BE), Johannes Langkamp (BE) co-presented with Werktank, Alec De Busschère (BE) & Alexandra Dementieva (BE) co-presented with Nadine


Thursday 21 Nov ⁠—
Akiko Nakayama (JP), Fieldworks (BE), Recent Arts (DE/CL/AR)

Friday 22 Nov ⁠—
Julien Maire (FR/BE), Derek Holzer (US), Macular (NL), Rainer Kohlberger (AT)
iMAL X Les ActionnairesZaliva - D (CN), Succhiamo (FR) & Victor De Roo (BE)

Saturday 23 Nov ⁠—
Luke Fowler+moro sphinx (UK/BE) in collaboration with Q-O2, Freeka Tet (FR), Dylan Cote & Incognito (FR), Tarik Barri & Lea Fabrikant (NL/IL), Myriam Bleau & LaTurbo Avedon (CA)
iMAL X Schiev ⁠: Gabor Lazar (HU), Terrine (FR) & Wutangu (BE)

Sunday 24 Nov ⁠—
Participatory performance for kids : Hortense Gauthier and Antoine Schmitt (FR), 


Saturday 23 Nov ⁠—
Spark AR Workshop by Marcelo Armendáriz
Vector Synthesis Laser Workshop by Derek Holzer
Fablab Discovery Day

Sunday 24 Nov ⁠—
On Sound And Microphones by MIA (Moving Image Atelier) co-presented with Q-02 & Elephy
Fablab Discovery Days in collaboration with Fablab'ke & MOVE

Practical Info

Location ⁠— Quai des Charbonnages Koolmijnenkaai 30, 1080 Brussels

The entrance is free during the whole pre-opening weekend but registration is mandatory for the evening programme and the workshops. The ticket link will be available through the Facebook event and our website.


With the support of


In patnership with
Kikk, Nadine, Overtoon, Q-O2, Wertank, MOVE, Fablab'ke