Workshop 'Wild Cartography' by Wænd

From October 4 to 6 2016 iMAL is hosting the workshop 'Wild Cartography' by Wænd, a Brussels based organisation dedicated to subjective & critic cartography. Developing long term research within the field of territorial narratives & representations, they collaborate with artists, universities, researchers, and citizen driven organisations.
As an online tool, Wænd provides a web platform for subjective and collaborative spatial publication. This application is open source and under constant development.

Wænd will present their online tool and help participants to translate their project to the web platform. The workshop starts with an introduction and then continues hands-on building online maps.

Wænd is part of Atelier Cartographique > &
The workshop Wild Cartography is part of the program of Wandering Arts Biennial 2016 (WAB), and is organised by nadine ( WAB is supported by VGC.