The Third Biennale of Lyon (Jean-Louis Boissier)

The Third Biennale of Lyon (Jean-Louis Boissier)

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Warning: the online emulation is subject to the latency of the network which causes a delay between the user action (e.g. mouse move) and its effect (e.g. screen update). This does not ease the manipulation of this highly cinematic user interface, particularly in the rotating mechanisms to display and select the 3 keywords of the query sentence. Use them slowly, the rotation speed is increasing with the distance. Watch the youtube video before.

The cd-rom of the Third Lyon contemporary art Biennale (1995) proposes the works of 63 artists with interactive video interviews, photos, texts and audiovisual documents. The artists explore new technologies in reference to the art of the moving images, from cinema, television and virtual reality. The cd-rom is bilingual French and English.

The cd-rom is an experimental new media work carried under the direction of Jean-Louis Boissier. Its design is innovant, matching the nature of the exhibited artworks using new technologies. The user interface is original: smart, hardly visible, without the usual control and navigation icons. The user interacts on the displayed media by rolling over, dragging, clicking to trigger the unfolding of other layers of information. The logic of navigation is computational, coming directly from the database query structure. And, for those artworks involving visitor's interactions, the cd-rom proposes an interactive interpretation of the visitor/work relation.

Technical Details
Déveloped in Macromedia Director for 256 colors screen.

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