plug. 2

10 February - 8 April 2016
plug. 2

Hybrid installation by Wannes Missotten and Torri Nickmans

Wannes Missotten’s and Torri Nickmans’ “plug. 2” is an intriguing hybrid installation in which audiovisual threads form a scattered but dense loop carpet. In both the physical structure and the distributed digital narrative of their 'moquette' they present us with what could be called a form of 'imploded cinema' (as opposed to expanded cinema). 

They challenge the viewer for an anatomic dissection of the dissolved remains of an imploded post-cinematic body, while cross-referencing archaic and de-funct Telstar-satelite communication and 21st century net-based mass media. At the vernissage the installation will host an obstructive performance by the sound-duo Kire Noisemachine.

About Torri Nickmans and Wannes Missotten 

Torri Nickmans (1993) and Wannes Missotten (1992) started to work together in 2014. Their backgrounds in graphic design and visual arts led to a collaboration in which they engaged in the mis-use of audiovisual software. Nonetheless, for their first group-exhibition S.W.I.M. (2015), they did not present moving image. There, plug. 1, was an installation as an investigation, a physical idea-sketch about the ways an artifact can behave in a space. Both artists live and work in Antwerp, where Wannes is studying in a master in Research in Art and Design.

Practical Info

Opening Wednesday 10/02, 19:00-21:30

Open Tuesday-Friday, 12:30-18:00
+ on appointment

Free entrance!

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Location: iMAL

Media Gallery


Concept & realization: Wannes Missotten and Torri Nickmans

Showcase curator : Bram Crevits