Justin Bennett

Here is a list of contents in which Justin Bennett appear.



A l'occasion du finissage de l'exposition 'The State of Things 2017' iMAL accueille Les Ateliers Claus le lundi 16 octobre 2017 pour 3 concerts de Justin Bennett, Floris Vanhoof & Kraus.


Cette année encore, Overtoon et Werktank mettent en avant les activités de leurs artistes en résidence. Overtoon expose des nouvelles créations de Justin Bennett, et Floris Vanhoof, Werktank de Kurt d'Haeseleer + Franck Vigroux et Johannes Langkamp.


For the opening of iMAL new venue, the inaugural exhibition "Hybrid World" explores the merge between the Internet and the physical world. It is enriched with a programme of concerts and performances.


At the invitation of iMAL, 242.pilots, the live video improvisation trio, gave a concert in Bruxelles, at Theatre Mercelis, on 20.2.2002. It is available on DVD with the complete interview of the pilots made by Interieur Nuit (RTBF): "Live in Brussels" released by CarPark Records.