Mercredi, 27 Juin 2012 | 16:00

bar.temp est un pop-up bar mêlant culture électronique et média dans une ambiance cosy. Pour cette seconde édition, bar.temp envahit à nouveau l’espace d’iMAL, avec entre autres les playlists musicales de Laid Back, Project: Mooncircle et Mea Kusma; une performance sonore de Yannick Franck; une intervention artistique de Harri de Ville; des clips vidéos et sites web arty; un workshop d’impression 3D “Clone Yourself”; la cuisine danoise de Daringman Smørrebrød et bien d’autres choses!

Live : Yannick Franck (Idiosyncratics Records)

Musician and sound artist behind the independent label Idiosyncratics Records, Yannick Franck will perform one of his intense and poetic soundscapes... A journey through immersive walls of sound built using vocals, several instruments and non-musical objects. This time, Franck will come up with what he likes to call an "auto destructive" performance, in reference to Gustav Metzger's "auto destructive art". Though Franck won't destroy his equipment or set himself on fire, the performance deals with the ideas of destruction as a creative process and more broadly decay and transience as central sources of inspiration.

Workshop#2 : Clone yourself!

Imagine being able to duplicate objects the same way you can duplicate documents in a photocopier. Today, with cheap 3D cameras and 3D printers, this idea is no longer science-fiction. With this workshop, get intimate with these new technologies! Come have your face 3D scanned, and for a selected few, materialised on our 3D printer. This will also be the chance to see what is going on in our iMAL Fablab.

Artistic intervention

Harri de Ville leads a reflection about urban life and modernist architecture. In their tridimensional works and performances, Alexia de Ville de Goyet and Inkeri Harri confront alleged beauty of confined spaces with the bodies and nature negation's that are surrounding them. The work proposed at temp#2 is part of a new series of audiovisual installations based on fog walls. Walking home alone through the city at 5 am, neons, fog and blurred vision...

Video screening

A dialog between music video and contemporary art

Web corner

The web corner will present a selection of interactive artistic projects involved/involving in the reflexion of the media and information tools.

Guests' playlists

Optical Sound
Logo Optical SoundOptical sound is an hybrid and atypical structure drawing its own frontiers between contemporary art and experimental music. Since 1997, Optical sound strives in interdisciplinary projects and produces musicians, artists, designers and others projects such as discs, DVD's, badges, serigraphs, limited editions, interfaces, exhibitions, magazines ...


Project: Mooncircle

Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle, specializing in the conjunction between electronic and organic music, has been publishing releases of artists from all over the world since 2002. The label is a space for the independent and very active collective of musicians and artists and has developed a rhizomic platform called Finest Ego, where producers, Djs and creative people get involved through the label, as well as a dub-techno sub-label Project Squared based in London.


Based in Eupen/Belgium, meakusma members started off organising events in '98 under various different names and have so far realized an impressive back roster of national and international artists from the experimental and minimal techno scenes. Focused on their own label and organizing events, workshops, jam-sessions & radioshows; meakusma's playlist will echoing their influences of open ears.


Creative food

Daringman smorrebrodClassic Danish recipes on home made rye bread by Au Daringman smørrebrød.
Selection of Natural wine from Le Titulus

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Portes: 18h
Workshop: de 18h à 21h
Live: 22h

Lieu: iMAL
30 quai des Charbonnages
1080 Bruxelles

Galerie Média

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Pictures by iMAL & Damien Leclerc


bar.temp is a production by El-D & iMAL