New Brave World: Hybrid Scrapyard

19 Mai - 23 Mai 2008
New Brave World: Hybrid Scrapyard

Workshop with Jonah Brucker-Cohen & Katherine Moriwaki (US)


In the context of an Hybrid world, i.e. the merge of the Internet and the physical worlds, the Hybrid Scrapyard workshop will introduce how ubiquitous computing (Ubicomp) and network technologies allow the design and deployment of augmented objects connected to the Internet. We will address how the Internet and our online behaviors can be made tangible in the physical world and how our physical acts have roles, presence or consequences in the cyberspace.

Workshop Content

Hybrid Scrapyard is an extended version of The Scrapyard Challenge workshops where participants build simple electronic projects (both digital and analog inputs) out of found or discarded “junk” (old electronics, clothing, furniture, outdated computer equipment, appliances, turntables, monitors, gadgets, etc..). This built on the premise of encouraging an open and collaborative space for creative ideas and hands-on prototyping.

With this approach, workshop attendees will learn how to build a variety of projects from found and/or discarded objects which will be augmented with embedded computing and connected to the Internet. We will also exploit their potential performative dimensions in order to present them during the public presentation closing the workshop.

Hardware and Software environment

The workshop will use “junk” electronics connected to Arduino platforms with bluetooth or XBee as hardware and wifi + LAN network. The data will be tracked by Processing or Max-Msp or PureData.

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