Antoine Schmitt

Artist and programming engineer living in Paris, Antoine Schmitt (FR) creates installations, situations and objects, minimal and abstract, anchored in time and movement that addresses the modalities of the free being in a system of reality. In relation to the definitive and systemic contemporary world, he places programming at the core of his artworks to question the forces and shapes at stake.

His work has received numerous awards and exhibited in many international museums, institutions and festivals such as transmediale (Berlin), Vida 5.0 (Madrid), Ars Electronica (Linz), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris) and Sonar (Barcelona).

Agency projects


An installation for a city.
Media facade or light projection



Media facade avec projecteurs LED réalisée par Yves Bernard en collaboration avec Vincent Evrard (BE) 


The DVD compiles near 2 hours of concerts and performances shown during the festival Infiltrations Digitales (2004) as well as video documents of the installations in the exhibition.



CLOD is the continuation of a series of projects by Antoine Schmitt exploring the concept of a light pulse visible in the city; first with City Sleep Light, showed at iMAL in 2010, then with City Light Orchestra in 2012. CLOD extends even more the distribution and portability of the light sources; pulsing with the same frequency, they create a sort of visual symphony spread over the city.


Welcome to the Future! proposes a historical selection of art & culture cd-roms and electronic artworks published on floppies, mostly produced in the 90s highlighting the short life of born-digital art. It presents early pioneering works in new media and digital arts, conveying many visions and utopias around the upcoming digital world as well as remarkable explorations of interactive digital media.


MFF2010 closing event is happening in Brussels during the week-end of the Nuit Blanche, October 1-3. On this occasion, curators and artists will gather in Brussels for a final public panel to share the results of the project and discuss with you the issues and future of urban screens and media facades, and how they can be a new communication format for interconnecting cities beyond borders.


For Nuit Blanche, MFF 2010 offers a breathtaking view on digital artworks presented in the Brussels public space and all over Europe.  During one night, the buildings along the canal will be pulsating to the rhythm of the city, while signs and advertising displays will be transformed into virtual artworks. An unusual walk in the heart of the digital city!


For the opening of MFF 2010 in Brussels, the building of iMAL will be transformed into a media facade. This DIY LED facade will be inaugurated with "City Sleep Light", a new creation by Antoine Schmitt. Facing the canal , it will be pulsating to the rhythm of Brussels, becoming the night-light of the city.


Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 (MFF 2010) is an urban media art project that interconnects seven European cities through urban screens and media facades located in public spaces. Artists and media designers will show throughout Europe specially developed art projects, during screenings and Joint Broadcasting Events, opening a global window to create dialogue, share dreams and exchange ideas.


V.O.S.T. OV/OT explores the connections between cinema, video art and digital art.


Exhibition during the Cimatics Festival 2008


Art of the Digital Age a collective exhibition featuring a unique panel of digital artworks created in the last years by internationally known new media artists, and coming from galleries and collections from around the world (USA, Europe, Russia)


For the opening of iMAL new venue, the inaugural exhibition "Hybrid World" explores the merge between the Internet and the physical world. It is enriched with a programme of concerts and performances.


The project created by Antoine Schmitt (FR) during MFF 2010 is presented at Fête des Lumières de Lyon. Subtitled "Debrousse Veille", the light installation is produced in collaboration with iMAL for the executive production....

The light installation City Sleep Light has received an honorary mention at the DIGITAL TURKU 2011. This project by Antoine Schmitt (FR) has been produced for the Media Facades Festival 2010 by iMAL and shown in Brussels...