[EN] We will start 2017 with OUTPUT, a series of two exhibitions presenting works that have been developed during artist residencies at iMAL : The invisible landscape by Christelle Fillod & Fabrice Moinet (26/01 – 19/02) and Lagunas by Laura Colmenares Guerra (09/03 – 31/03).

[FR] Nous commençons 2017 avec OUTPUT, une série de deux expositions présentant des œuvres développées durant des résidences d'artistes à iMAL : The invisible landscape de Christelle Fillod & Fabrice Moinet (26/01 – 19/02) et Lagunas de Laura Colmenares Guerra (09/03 – 31/03).

[NL] We starten 2017 met OUTPUT, een reeks van twee tentoonstellingen waarin werk wordt gepresenteerd, ontwikkeld tijdens residenties in iMAL: The invisible landscape van Christelle Fillod & Fabrice Moinet (26/01 – 19/02) en Lagunas van Laura Colmenares Guerra (09/03 – 31/03).



A triptych exploring the themes of memory, death and water through an interactive scenario evoking the drastic impact of human actions on nature. After The invisible landscapeLagunas is the second exhibition of our series OUTPUT, in which we present the results of a project that has been developed during a residency at iMAL. Finissage: Fri. 31 March, 18:30.


The invisible landscape is inspired by the movements, attractions, ellipses and rotations of planets and solar systems, whose endless movements draw an infinite and invisible landscape in the universe.