Internet Yami-Ichi Brussels #2: Call for vendors

19 May - 1 September 2017
Internet Yami-Ichi Brussels #2: Call for vendors

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Do you want to have a booth at the upcoming Internet Yami-Ichi (30/9 + 1/10)? Continue reading and fill in the form below! 

The Internet Yami-ichi has ✌two✌ rules 
  • ☑ Sell things related to the Internet. However you interpret that is up to you!
  • ☑ No dangerous, harmful, or illegal goods, please!

In previous editions, vendors have been selling: stones and their 3D data, personalised ringtones, glitch clothing, deleted characters, passwords databases, edible cloud candy, biometric data, books of internet cats, binary porn, meme cookies, Snowden Snowglobes, internet-theme cocktails, browsers tableware or Macbook Air air! You could also rent preserved trendy food for your Instagram, join a password confession booth or get a reading in Reddit tarot cards! Among many other things!

👉👉👉 Notes 👈👈👈
  • Your participation is free!
  • You set the price for what you sell. You receive all profits from sales.
  • The event organizer will not take responsibility for problems that individual participants may have. Please take care of your problems on your own.
  • Please bring your own change for your customers.
  • You will be provided a table and chairs. Let us know if you need anything else!
  • Please take all your garbage home with you.
  • Set up and take down your booth on the day of the event.
  • Have fun 😂
Your booth

Apps, Device, Lenticular .GIF, 3D data, Real Jpeg. anything ok!


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