Chris O'Shea (UK)

(EN) Chris O'Shea (UK) is an artist and designer, creating interactive work for both public institutions and private companies. He creates experiences that playfully challenges our perception of spaces and objects.
Active in the digital culture sector, he is the author of Pixelsumo and curator of several new media exhibitions.

(FR) Chris O’Shea (UK) est un artiste et designer créant des œuvres interactives tant pour des institutions publiques que pour des entreprises privées. Il invente des expériences qui défient de manière amusante notre perception des espaces et des objets. Actif dans la culture numérique, il est également l’auteur de Pixelsumo et curateur d’expositions de nouveaux médias.

Chris O'Shea website



On the occasion of the White Night in Madrid, MFF 2010 will feature works around the theme of "Human Screens", where urban screens like the Flagey one can take a human  and playful dimension. This event engages passer-by's on the Flagey Square in a fun and participatory way.


Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 (MFF 2010) is an urban media art project that interconnects seven European cities through urban screens and media facades located in public spaces. Artists and media designers will show throughout Europe specially developed art projects, during screenings and Joint Broadcasting Events, opening a global window to create dialogue, share dreams and exchange ideas.