esc medien kunst labor is a cultural organization and exhibition center based in Graz, Austria, since 1993. Its central task is the production of art. In this context the main focus is on the precise observation and seismographic recording of artistic processes that examine and deal with socio-political developments (information- and biotechnologies, socio-economic systems) and new technologies (hardware and software). The artistic activities of the laboratory derive from the notion that art is understood as subsystem of social and societal reality; the media-specific approach is based on the designation of this reality through "new" culture technologies ["new media"].




"I don’t know where this is going" is the second part of Iterations, a project investigating the future of collaborative artistic practices in a technologically networked context. The exhibition presents a collective installation by Pascale Barret (BE/FR), Miriam Raggam (AT), Claire Williams (BE/FR), François Zajega (BE), Julien Deswaef (USA/BE) and Annie Abrahams (NL/FR).