Jan Vantomme

Jan Vantomme is a Ghent based artist and computational designer. His work merges art, technology and design, and covers multiple creative disciplines including interactive installations, video art, digital & physical product design, sound design, fine arts printing and graphic design.

Jan wrote a book about creative programming with the Processing programming language, and one about sound design with Axoloti.




Axoloti is a new open-source platform to build synthesizers, drum machines, audio effects
and other weird instruments. It consists of a microcontroller board, and a patcher software.


This openLAB is the first masterclass on Digital Fabrication at iMAL. With an emphasis on forms generated by code, it will end with an exhibition of the works produced by the participants.


For Nuit Blanche and Todays Art Festival in Brussels we invite you to take control of miniMAL, the low-res, low-tech media facade created by iMAL during the Media Facade Festival Europe 2010.