Arts/Sciences#10: Maurice Benayoun

Wednesday, 2 November 2011 | 19:30 - 22:00
Arts/Sciences#10: Maurice Benayoun

Maurice Benayoun is a French artist and theorician. His work and research explore the potential of various medias, from video to augmented and virtual reality, from the web to “locative medias”, from interactive exhibitions to urban installations.

His works have been widely rewarded and exhibited in international events and festivals. Among those, the Quarxs (1989-93), one of the very first 3D computer animated series, or NeORIZON, gigantic urban installation in Shanghai (2008), not to mention Tunnel under the Atlantic (1995) or World Skin, a photo safari in the land of war (Golden Nica, Ars Electronica 1998). Maurice Benayoun’s work tries to go beyond the technology challenge, by exploring other ways of producing sense through creating “situations”.

Teacher first at Paris 1, then Paris 8 universities, he co-founds in 2004 the CITU-Paragraphe. In 2011, he initiates H2H Lab, a scientific interest group that brings together 15 laboratories, schools and companies.

Maurice will share with us his vision of these relationships between artists and scientists, illustrating it by his personal projects and the stream of research tackled by the laboratories he collaborates with.

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