Interac wearing: augmented city walks

Thursday, 26 May 2011 | 14:00 - 18:30
Interac wearing: augmented city walks

Public demo by Experientiæ Electricae

Interac wearing is constituted by a serie of costumes that communicate their user's walking rythm. Each constituting part of zigbee mesh network, they are localised relatively one to another in opposition to intrusive localisation, this is an ever reconfiguring network of people and relations performing in physical space.
The costumes feedback sound according to their users walking rythm in a very circular hypnotic circulation. However each personnal sound is corrupted by other people sound diffused according to their distance and relative position, hence reassambling a network of walking people.

During this afternoon of presentation, concluding her residency at iMAL, Natacha Roussel (FR), member of the collective Experientiæ Electricae, invites you to put their communicating suits on, and experience the city in a new sound environment linked to your walking and interaction behaviour.

Besides, the audience at iMAL can assist to a visual and sound composition (Aymeric De Tapol) driven by the wanderings of the participants. This residency is in collaboration with Vincent Roudaut (development).

Attention, it is necessary to book your suit through the online registration form.

About Experientiæ Electricae

Multi-professional collective active in digital design involving both parallel and complementary developments in the artistic fields of design and electronics.
Experientiae Electricae integrates technologies made ​​available at the time of miniaturization / globalization, a critical and artistic appropriation. Their minimalist aesthetic tends to deal from a multitude of elements they manipulate to improve connectivity.

Practical Info

Sound walk in suits
Reservation between 16:00 and 20:00.

Duration: 1/2h for max. 6 participants

Registration via the online form.


Listening and visoning lounge
from 16:00-20:30
Free entrance!

Departure & lounge: iMAL

Media Gallery

Teaser pic credit: Experientae electricae
Media gallery: iMAL



Interac-wearing has been done with a grant from the Arts Council of Canada in 2009 and a scholarship program of art and science of Artel 91.