Raphaël Bastide - Révisable 1

4 June - 22 August 2013
Raphaël Bastide - Révisable 1

This first version of a series of assemblages is part of a research around versioned physical artworks, led by Raphaël Bastide since 2012. Révisable 1 focuses on making modifications of a versioned object accessible, and on the publication of its history. The artwork therefore questions both online and offline audiences and players by offering them a finite set of actions.

There is no hierarchy between the original and its modifications; only the creation of an archive, self-documented, open, and as “forkable” as a software.

Révisable 1 is part of a corpus of versioned artworks, initiated by Raphaël Bastide with the piece titled 1962.

The vernissage of 1962 : First Commit took place on the 18th May 2012 in Paris, original location of the first version. The first objects have been referenced on this occasion, both online and on site. Since the first nine versions - used to write a basic documentation - the project continues to evolve.

On 22nd February 2013 took place the opening of BRANCH at the DE LA CHARGE gallery (Brussels). This show gathered both the 1962 archives and a new versioned installation, this time occupying a whole room. BRANCH defines itself as an extension (“a branch”) of 1962 version 0.7.

Révisable 1 proposes to limit the visitor participation to rearranging strings in a grid of wall clips. The visitor, online and on site, can then fiddle with the strings network by modifying the source code of the artworks online, or by proposing changes during scheduled public days in the exhibition space.

The modification protocol being an integral part of the artwork, each revision is documented in a language especially designed for the project, and is then archived online in the form of a photographic picture.

More info on http://raphaelbastide.com/revisables

About Raphaël Bastide

Raphaël Bastide, graphic designer, hacker, open source evangelist, was born in 1985 in Montpellier, France. He currently lives in Paris and works as a freelance graphic designer and artist.

He lived in Brussels from 2008 to 2010 where he graduated from the École de Recherche Graphique (ERG), from which he received a MA Visual Arts, specialization in digital arts and typography. In 2011, he lived in Amsterdam and worked as a freelance graphic designer. On his own, or through collaborations with many artists and designers, Raphaël does not design images so much as systems; from one subject to an other, his work mainly consists in creating imageries from systems, and vice-versa. Notions such as archiving, identity, version and the free software philosophy are his most important areas of predilection.

Practical Info

Open Tuesday-Friday, 12:30-18:00
+ Wednesday 5 June, 20:00-22:30
+ on appointment

Free entrance!

Place: iMAL

Media Gallery

Pictures by Raphaël Bastide and from The Maori - Volume II, via http://nzetc.victoria.ac.nz