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Update_4 Biennial

21 September - 18 November 2012
Update_4 Biennial

New Technological Art Award 2012 - Liedts-Meesen Foundation

An exhibition about the symbiosis between arts and technologies with 20 artworks from 13 countries

An international art contest by the Liedts-Meesen Foundation

Zebrastraat (Ghent), iMAL and La Cambre (Brussels)

Interactive and participatory installations, sound and kinetic sculptures, net art, urban arts, robots and bots, bio art, generative art: the artistic forms proposed in Update_4 are as diverse and exciting as the issues and themes raised by the artists: explore new ways to perceive and experience physical phenomena through sound, light and images, visualize or materialize the data flow in complex large organisms such as networks and cities, question our future in a globally connected digital world populated with intelligent machines and robots, dig into the historical sediments of media culture created by the endless obsolescence of technologies, propose new forms of aesthetic experiences and of social networked interactions and participatory creations, invent with technologies new participatory or Internet aware forms for traditional media such as photography, cinema and comics, explore the transformation of our complex hybrid environment and its structures of power and control, propose scenarios of cooperation between common place things such as plants and robots, imagine visions linking the biological and artificial life forms, the cyberspace and the outer space,...

The 4th Update biennial proposes an exhibition radically different from the 3 previous editions: for the first time, it is taking place in 2 cities (Ghent and Brussels) and at 3 venues (Zebrastraat, iMAL and La Cambre) and it is exclusively focused on the 20 nominees of the New Technological Art Award 2012 in order to emphasize the actual dynamic of contemporary art creation in our technological world. These 20 artworks come from 13 different countries spread over 3 continents and were selected by an international jury among 337 candidates from 49 countries. A symposium (from 15 till 17 November) in Zebrastraat will close the biennial, inviting different international speakers including artists and theoreticians.

NTAA Awards contest: vote for the Public Prize!

The winner of the Jury Award (5.000 EUR) was announced during the symposium ending the Update_4 Biennial and is Felix Luque with his work Nihil ex Nihilo.

Video Documentation

Check all the videos (works+artists interviews) made by Svend Thomsen on his youtube channel ArtVideoTv

Practical Info

Opening iMAL: Friday 21st September
Free entrance!

Opening La Cambre: Wednesday 19th September
Opening Zebrastraat: Thursday 20th September

Opening hours:
Wed>Sun, 14:00 - 18:00
Open on Thu. 1st November! (All Saints' Day)

Group visits
02 410 30 93

Admission fees:
5€ (adults)
3€ (groups, students, unemployed)
0€ (-18 y.)
One single ticket valid for all 3 locations!

Location: iMAL
30 Koolmijnenkaai - quai des Charbonnages
1080 Brussels, BE

Media Gallery


Update_4 is produced by the Liedts-Meesen Foundation and hosted by Zebrastraat, iMAL and La Cambre