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January 2012
FabLab iMAL

The lasercutter

Made in China, but bought through the belgian company Ketele, which provides a warranty and set it to european standars and security norms (CE approved).
They sell it under the brand name Cyborg!

Our Cyborg is a LS-1080-K with a working area of 1000x800mm and powered by a 130W CO2 laser. The machine is able to cut wood, acrylic, pmc/plexiglas, fabrics,... As any CO2 laser, it can't cut metal and glass. Although the machine can be used for engraving, the model we have (without a z axis but with a powerful laser) is more suited for cutting.

Besides the main machine, there is a ventilation and filtering system (as the laser burns the material...) and a water cooling system for the laser.

The Cyborg is controlled through USB by a dedicated PC.

The supplied software, SmartCarve, is simple to use importing most 2d vector formats (dxf, ai,...) and raster formats (bmp, jpg, gif,..).


Lasercutter pages on Wikimal: http://www.imal.org/wikimal/tagged/lasercutter

How to use the lasercutter: http://imal.org/wikimal/resource/imal-lasercutter-cyborg