24 Oct. 2016

Yves will talk at the conference day organised by Pamal with Labex Arts-H2H (Université Paris 8) and Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Under the title "Cette pièce est en cours de maintenance. Merci de votre compréhension. - Préservation des écritures numériques", the lectures will happen on 27/10/2016, Paris. More here.

30 Sep. 2016

From October 4 to 6 2016 iMAL is hosting the workshop 'Wild Cartography' by Wænd, a Brussels based organisation dedicated to subjective & critic cartography. Developing long term research within the field of territorial narratives & representations, they collaborate with artists, universities, researchers, and citizen driven organisations.
As an online tool, Wænd provides a web platform for subjective and collaborative spatial publication. This application is...

20 Sep. 2016

The installation will be presented at the Halles de Schaerbeek, in the framework of Focus VISIONS, from 14 October to 5 November.

In the age of high resolution, "A Thousand Segments" presents a minimal screen composed of lines mechanically switching from black to white. Each of these segments constructs and deconstructs perspectives.

The minimal screen – despite the rigour of its texture – spread freely in space...

1 Sep. 2016

Julien Maire's Man at Work, which was co-produced by iMAL, will be part of the exhibition Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital, that runs from September 3 2016 to June 25 2017 at the Museum for Arts and Applied Sciences in Sydney. Felix Luque's...

22 Jun. 2016

Yves will talk about preservation of software arts from the 90's and iMAL Resurrection Lab project at House of Electronic Arts, Basel (HeK) on Monday 27 June,  in the context of Conservation Piece(s) - Conference on the preservation of performative media

Digital art, in its...

7 Jun. 2016
Des solutions créatives aux problèmes des cyclistes bruxellois

Lors du dernier weekend de juin, des dizaines de Bruxellois se rassembleront pour imaginer des solutions aux obstacles qui empêchent de rouler en vélo à Bruxelles. Leur but : donner vie à leurs idées en 48 heures et rendre la ville un peu plus cyclable.
Cyclehack, c'est un mouvement mondial, un weekend (les 24, 25...

23 May. 2016

LES asbl/Imal/MCCS présentent dans le cadre du festival «Mollem ma belle». Le mardi 31 mai de 14h à 17h30 sur la place communale de Molenbeek.

  • Fabrique ton labyrinthe électronique ! Atelier de fabrication «DO IT YOURSELF» Pour les enfants de 8 à 12 ans
  • Fais vivre un objet ! Initiation au code sur le programme «ARDUINO» Détournement d’objets et de jouets Pour les + de 18 ans


20 May. 2016

Join 4-hours workshop to evaluating how open source, maker and digital projects can grow, how they are growing and having a better impact and what factors and values make a project sustainable beyond financial and commercial parameters.

The hands-on session focuses on key questions such as:
– can makers project scale considering societal and community...

4 Apr. 2016

Google Eye by Andrej Boleslavsky is presented in Venice at the Arte Laguna Art Prize, in the finalists exhibition featuring artistic expressions through new technologies (20.03 - 03/04/2016).

Google Eye was  produced...

29 Feb. 2016

Two works co-produced by iMAL are exhibited in March 2016. The installation 12i by Marcio Ambrosio is shown at Men and Machines at De Warande (Turnhout) in a collective exhibition gathering artists such as Panamarenko and Warhol. Felix Luque's latest work...