Tangible Feelings

15 September - 17 September 2011
Tangible Feelings

EEG (and Biofeedback) for the Arts: Workshop

A hands-on workshop about neuro-technology and art, with a focus on the Emotiv software and hardware.

This workshop led by Mattia Casalegno and Enzo Varriale will start with an introduction on EEG signal and how it can be manipulated to perform different kinds of data visualizations and sonifications. They wlll subsequently introduce different techniques and protocols to design real-time EEG-based interfaces. As exemple they will present their seminal audiovisual performace Sounds of Complexity (2005) their most recent EEG based installation Unstable Empathy (2010).

During the workshop we will present the Emotiv SDK and hardware, and demonstrate how to interface it with the Max/Msp/Jitter, VVVV and Processing environments. During the second part of the workshop, participants will design their own audiovisual tools to interface with the Emotiv technology (basic knowledge of max/msp/jitter, VVVV or Processing required). 

Saturday 17th September (12:00-18:00)

- introduction to EEG signal
- beta, alpha, delta, theta waves
- sampling and digitalization of EEG signals
- real-time data protocols
- design interfaces for EEG-based media art projects
- Sounds of Complexity: audio-visualizing brain- waves in real-time
- Unstable Empathy: building intimate relationships with EEG technology
- introduction to Emotiv software and hardware
- Emotiv SDK and OSC protocol
- interfacing with max/msp, VVVV and Processing - Basic sonification

Sunday 18th September (12:00-18:00)

- Build your own neuro-based audiovisual tools: videomixers and videosequencers with Emotiv

Info & Registration

This workshop is targeted to media artists, designers, creative developers with basic knowledge of max/msp/jitter, VVVV or Processing.

If you are unable to join us, the symposium and the first day of the workshop will be broadcasted on our Ustream.

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Media Gallery

Emotiv Neuroheadset by drbakker
Emotiv SDK by Eric Rice
VVVV interface by Enzo Varriale (Unstable Empathy), photo by iMAL
Emotiv headsets on test persons, photo by iMAL