Antoine Schmitt

Artist and programming engineer living in Paris, Antoine Schmitt (FR) creates installations, situations and objects, minimal and abstract, anchored in time and movement that addresses the modalities of the free being in a system of reality. In relation to the definitive and systemic contemporary world, he places programming at the core of his artworks to question the forces and shapes at stake.

His work has received numerous awards and exhibited in many international museums, institutions and festivals such as transmediale (Berlin), Vida 5.0 (Madrid), Ars Electronica (Linz), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris) and Sonar (Barcelona).

Agency projects


An installation for a city.
Media facade or light projection



Media facade avec projecteurs LED réalisée par Yves Bernard en collaboration avec Vincent Evrard (BE) 


Le DVD propose une compilation video de près de 2 heures sur les principaux concerts et performances du festival Infiltrations Digitales (2004) ainsi que sur l'exposition d'installations interactives.



Van 29 oktober tot 14 november organiseert iMAL in VDB (Dexia Art Center) twee geanimeerde weken waarbij de digitale cultuur en haar interdisciplinaire invloeden doorheen gevarieerde kunstpraktijken, zoals dans, muziek en visuele kunst, filmkunst, installaties, centraal staan.


Een complexe en semi-autonome ritmische machine.
Een geïmproviseerde audiovisuele performance.
Een publieke confrontatie met een minimale Gesamtkunstwerk in wording.


The project created by Antoine Schmitt (FR) during MFF 2010 is presented at Fête des Lumières de Lyon. Subtitled "Debrousse Veille", the light installation is produced in collaboration with iMAL for the executive production....

The light installation City Sleep Light has received an honorary mention at the DIGITAL TURKU 2011. This project by Antoine Schmitt (FR) has been produced for the Media Facades Festival 2010 and shown at iMAL (Brussels),...