4 Apr. 2015

Een viering van het Internet in de theatrale context van een analoge markt

Doordat meerdere Nederlandse artisten deelnamen aan de Yami-Ichi 5 in Brussel georganiseerd door iMAL 28 september 2014, besloot het Vlaams Cutluurhuis de Brakke Grond in Amsterdam de derde Internet Yami-Ichi...

25 Mar. 2015

Art Kill Art is publishing the source code of Égregore, a digital audiovisual performance by Cyrille Henry and Nicolas Montgermont supported by iMAL and presented at iMAL in 2011.

"Égregore source" is an edition that transpose a performance work of the chdh collective on digital media: the source code (Pure Data) of the "egregore" performance is made fully available as a software to download or as a usb key. Beyond the documentary aspect, this edition aims to exploit the physical...

11 Mar. 2015

Crypto Design Callout 

The Crypto Design Challenge is an open call to all young designers and artists in Belgium and the Netherlands to develop new ideas and to submit inspiring plans and proposals to make the encryption of digital images and information accessible to all. 

Making texts and images secure is complicated, and its's something that...

25 Feb. 2015

Yves will participate to this symposium at ESAD Valence-Grenoble on March 2-4 with Bob Stein, Catherine Dixon, Ryan Nadel, Jan Barth and Yves Citton.
More on

15 Jan. 2015

From 21 January to 1 February 2015, Julien Maire's Man at Work 3d printed cinema installation created for the «Relief» exhibtion at iMAL is shown at V2_lab for the International Film Festival Rotterdam, in the Signals 24/7 programme. More here

15 Jan. 2015

In 2014, many other things happened at iMAL besides the visible public events. For instance, watch this video documentary shot at iMAL on Mécaniques Discursives, an installation by Fred Penelle & Yannick Jacquet, a project which we supported through a residency in 2013.

5 Nov. 2014

The video showing the "Man at Work" stereolithographic projector of Julien Maire using a 3d printed film and created for the «Relief» exhibition is online: watch it on YouTube.

31 Oct. 2014

Two recent works (co-)produced by iMAL are on show in Europe. The inverted pendulums of D.W.I. by Felix Luque will be shown from 6 to 14 November at Creative Machine, Goldsmiths (University of London), a major exhibition exploring the twilight world of human/machine creativity. The Stereolithographic Projector of Julien Maire created for...

28 Oct. 2014
iMAL is pleased to host the next Blender-Brussels workshop on 22 November! This masterclass will be dedicated to using Blender for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

The Blender-Brussels is a series of monthly free and open workshops dedicated to Python creative coding using Blender. Started by François Zajéga and Julien...

30 Sep. 2014

Different Ways to Infinity, the installation of Felix Luque co-produced through a residency at iMAL and its fablab, is shown at Bozar in the continuation of the Bozar Electronic Arts Festival and the Quinzaine Numérique.
The exhibition is opened up to Sunday 5 October 2014. Practical info...