Marcio Ambrosio

Graduated in industrial design, graphic design and animation, Marcio Ambrosio (BR) has worked in different sectors: animation, advertising and post-production. Besides, he participated in workshops and festivals with his art work, such as FILE 2007 et 2008 (Brésil), Japan Media Arts Festival 2008 (Japon), Transitio MX (Mexico).

In 2004, he formed the collective zzzmutations, where he produces short animation films and develops experimental and interactive projects.

In 2008, his project Oups! received the Grand prix Division Art at the Japan Media Arts Festival (Tokyo, Japan) and the Grand prize Image in movement at Transitio MX (Mexico City, Mexico) in 2009.

Today, he continues working at the crossing of animation and participative installation with the constant imput of new technologies, from computer vision to interaction design with a hint of electronics, digital fabrication or video mapping.

Agency projects


A playful interpretation of the traditional zoetrope using today’s technology.
Interactive participatory and cinematic installation


An explosive mix of classic animation with new technologies.
Interactive video installation



From March 6 until March 24 2017 Marcio Ambrisio is in residency at iMAL, where he will work together with Yacine Sebti on his interactive installation 'MOVIOLA'.


PATMAP is an augmented sculpture customized in real time by the audience who may choose colors and patterns for each face of the sculpture and create unique sequences of animation.



For the first time in Europe Marcio Ambrosio presents his playful participatory installation 12i. Inspired by the principle of the zoetrope - a 19th-century device forerunner of cinema - Marcio again combines classic animation techniques with new technologies. He brings us into a magical universe where the participants are invited to record, watch and share their own animations on a sculpture that mixes sound and images.


After the success of Oups (Grand Prize Art, Japan Media Arts Festival 2008), co-produced by iMAL in 2007, Marcio Ambrosio (BR) returns to Brussels to develop 12i, an interactive installation that revisits the zoetrope with humour.


This 31st March 2017, Le Pass (Scientific Adventure Park, Frameries) is opening its WOW ZONE, a new space dedicated to digital culture. Five interactive artworks have been selected following a call for projects, to be exhibited for the next five years in the WOW ZONE.

Among these five pieces, two have been through a residency at iMAL....

The author of Oups (Grand Prize Japan Media Arts Festival 2008), Marcio Ambrosio, presents 12i at Itaú Cultural (Brasil) from June 30 till September 4th, 2011. 12i was supported by iMAL through an artist...

Marcio Ambrosio (BR/BE) is in residency at iMAL for the whole month of January to work on the production of his new installation 12i in collaboration with Yacine. More here