Marcio Ambrosio: 12i

1 January - 17 February 2011
Marcio Ambrosio: 12i

Production residency

After the success of Oups (Grand Prize Art, Japan Media Arts Festival 2008), co-produced by iMAL in 2007, Marcio Ambrosio (BR) returns to Brussels to develop 12i, an interactive installation that revisits the zoetrope with humour.

Statement of intent

The installation is a nod at the inventors of film animation, a modern reading of the zoetrope. 12i faithfully applies the principles of classic animation and the working of a zoetrope - the rotation of 12 images giving the illusion of movement - with added features from contemporary technologies : audience participation through the creation of animations, real-time update and compositing of content inside the zoetrope, activation of audio and visual elements by the presence of the public.
The aim of 12i is to immerse the audience in a strange and magical universe by giving it the first role in the “wheel of life”.

This installation in 2 parts invites the spectator to decompose and record its own 12-images body animation, that will be displayed through a modernised zoetrope, a sculptural device mixing sounds and visuals. The animations are posted to the 12i website, where you can see and share your own animation, as well as others’.
To build 12i, Marcio developed an approach based on personal fabrication, with a computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling machine able to make all the static and moving pieces of his installation from 3D files, as well as the printed circuit boards for the electronics system. The use of the new Microsoft Kinect allowed to develop full body user interactions.
12i is designed and produced by Marcio Ambrosio in collaboration with Yacine Sebti (interactive development) and Sophie Klecker (web development).
12i receives the support of Itaú Cultural and iMAL (through this residency). It will be exhibited in Sao Paulo (Brasil) in July-August 2011.

Professional “preview” presentation on Wednesday 2nd of February (invitation-only, please contact Marie-Laure).


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